VAV 2018 Meet & Greet in London : Spotlight Tour

Sunday 25th March 2018

*Ticket will be released on Tuesday 20th February 3.30pm local time on 

Young Bros​ is proud to put the spotlight on VAV and bring them to Europe in 2018.
Entry to the Event is at the discretion of the Venue. Please make sure to bring appropriate photo ID to avoid disappointment.

VAV(Very Awesome Voice) is a promising rookie boy group from South Korea with seven members : St.Van (세인트반), ACE (에이스), Jacob (제이콥), Ziu (지우), Ayno (에이노), Lou (로우), Baron (바론) that were formed by A Team Entertainment(Former AQ Entertainment). The VAV Meet & Greet in Europe 2018 Spotlight Tour will go through 5 Cities : Moscow on Thursday 22th March, Köln on Saturday 24th March, London on Sunday 25th March, Madrid(Tuesday 27th March) and Warsaw(Thursday 29th March)!

Since their debut in 2015, VAV has been rising in popularity with every new release. With new members joining in 2017 : Ayno, Lou, who were former trainee’s at Starship and were contestants of NO.MERCY, and Ziu who is the youngest in the group, VAV became stronger than ever before and finally defined their true stylish colour. Their releases “Venus (Dance With Me)”, “Flower”, “ABC”, and the hit track “She’s Mine” raised VAV’s loyal fan base with their good looks, charms and great music and very awesome voice. Now in 2018 their album/title track “Spotlight”, and second title track “Gorgeous”, as well as “Give It To Me” and “Winter Breeze”, VAV hope to reach their arms out to their only spotlight, which is you.

– Around 2 hours of Meet & Greet with VAV : 18:00 – 20:00
– Around 2 hours of VAV Live Stage : 20:45 – 22:45
– Around 20 minutes of Farewell touch( with Platinum Tickets) After the stage

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VAV 2018 Meet & Greet in London : Spotlight Tour

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