Venue 2 – Technical Spec


Location and Load-In Venue 2:
Load-in via purple canopied entrance. One flight of stairs from street level to basement.

Venue Dimensions 229 Venue 2:
Room Size – 18m x 7m | Ceiling Height – 2.5m Stage dimensions: width 5.48m(18ft) | height 0.46m (1.5ft) | depth 3.66 (12ft)

Mixer position
Back/centre of room

FOH Control
Yamaha LS9 – 32 channel, 4 auxes for monitors plus 10 available analogue outputs.

FOH Speakers
L-R stack comprehending 4x D&B C7 subs (2xside) 2x D&B C7 tops
Run on 2 x D&B D12 amplifiers

Monitor system – run from front of house 4 x QSC HPR122i active, 12’’+1.4’’ biamped, 500w RMS each

All shows can be recorded: Stereo L/R feed to USB recorder. Available on request and additional fee is applicable.

Microphones/stands/DI’s etc
Full complement of industry standard mics / stands / cables / DI’s.

DJ Control Equipmentlocated in booth at end of room
Technics SL1210 MkII turntables
CDJ 1000 Mk3 / DJM800 mixer
Monitor: 1 x Mackie SRM450 2way active cabinet

12 x Chrome-Q – color punch LED lights
4 x Showtech LED P64 Cans for staged area
4 x Martin Mini Mac Profiles (Dance floor only)
Colour Kinetic MRG2 LED colour changing wall lighting

If any of the above equipment is not suitable, we will happily source alternatives. Any rider including any additional P.A. and lighting requirements must be sent to 229 at least two weeks prior to the date of the show. If any additional charges are incurred then these will be passed on to the promoter.

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